UCF Underground
512 Westcott St, Syracuse NY 13210

    University Christian Fellowship has kindly allowed us to use their facilities to put on ska shows, beginning with the I Voted For Kodos show back in July. This is not an activity they normally have and our continued use of their church for ska shows is dependent on us being responsible users of their space. The rules are quite simple: no drugs or alcohol, no moshing, smoking outside only. It's the same rules as the Westcott, down the street. Use the BACK entrance of the church from the Beech Street parking lot, NOT from the Westcott Street entrance. Use the Yahoo Map if that's helpful. The church is NOT putting these concerts on, only hosting them -- these are not religious events. Their primary interest is providing a safe, wholesome environment for kids to enjoy themselves. A few adult members of the church are in attendance at every show, just to make sure their space is respected.

    Taj Motel Trio w/ Rex Banner in Aug '05 at UCF Underground

    This church is across the street from Boom Babies and Sabastino's, next door to Seven Rays Bookstore. We'll mark your hands so you can come and go for food and drink (but if you smell of alcohol, you'll be refused re-entry). The back parking lot is well lit. We're using their youth meeting space UCF Underground in the basement for shows, which has bathrooms and lots of old beat-up sofas and armchairs for your lounging pleasure. It's roughly the size of the Westcott, so there is plenty of room. This is not a typical church at all -- many of their members (including their pastor) have visible piercings and tattoos and swearing is a non-issue. They feel that what's in your heart counts a lot more than your outward appearance and that's why we think holding ska shows here are a natural fit.


    We Are The Union

    Sat, Aug 4, 2007
    We Are The Union (Ann Arbor MI punk-ska), Murphy's Kids (Richmond VA ska-punk-reggae), This Is A Stickup (Canandaigua NY ska-core), The Gnarwhals (Syracuse ska-punk debut w/ members of Secret Ions & Last Battle) at UCF Underground in Syracuse. All ages, $7 cover, show 6-10pm. For more info call 315-863-6013.


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